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Mover and Shaker doesn’t scratch the surface of what makes Vince May a real estate powerhouse. More than a decade of experience and over 500 transactions under his belt, he has truly seen it all. This man takes more phone calls in an hour than you get all day.

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Always three steps ahead of everyone else, Jess wants to make sure you leave no issue unsettled.  She spends her time asking other agents why they haven’t gotten back to her yet.  Who would you rather have on your side?

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The ultimate listener, John is a pro at hearing what his clients wants, needs and concerns are and then taking the time to make sure every angle gets explored.  Thorough is his middle name.  Actually it’s Thomas -- but it should be Thorough

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Not only can Tori help you buy and sell houses, you should see her renovate them.  With taste to die for, Tori can help you envision the potential in any home.  Keep her number saved in your phone for when you decide to open up a wall or replace a bathroom!

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Caitlin’s clients are her top priority, even from the hospital after having her second child.  She is quick to ask questions and make sure that nothing gets missed because a part of her brain is always working.  Caitlin has a no-nonsense approach with other agents and will fight to the finish on your behalf.

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A contractor and Realtor since he can remember, Lee knows how homes operate inside and out.  He can look around a property and know in seconds if it’s well built and worth buying.  He will roll his sleeves up for you and figure out exactly what needs to be done.

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With years of experience as a real estate photographer, Katherine sees a home through the lens of its unique potential.  She believes each home has a special quality that makes it partner with each client.  Katherine channels her inner Yentl for you and considers herself a professional matchmaker of Real Estate.

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A born saleswoman, Janine comes to us by way of selling to the masses on QVC. Janine is a human dynamo, and isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and fight for her clients. She can literally talk to anyone and is a natural when it comes to networking. However, Janine’s natural instincts with converting an ordinary house into a welcoming, cozy home is why she is a perfect fit for real estate.

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Matt is the newest member of the Vince May Team and has taken to real estate effortlessly. With a background in general contracting, Matt has been our go-to agent for new construction homes. Also, Matt features a Delaware real estate license to facilitate expanding our service area for buyers.

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Behind the scenes extraordinaire, Candace is the glue that keeps the Vince May Team machine running.  No matter which agent helps you with your transaction, Candace will be there to help move the process along.

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Delaware County at its finest.

Want a home in walking distance to local schools?  Need a nearby train for your commute into Philadelphia?  Looking to live near parks and green space?  What's on your checklist?  We can help you find what you're looking for.