Melt, Snow, Melt!!


When will it be like Spring?!

Ever feel like someone hit the pause button on your life?  Well, we do.  Every time the Spring Market has started to gain traction in the last two months, mother nature has entered the picture to remind us exactly how long winter can last.

Now that we have seen March go in like a Lion and out like a Lion, we're gaining confidence in the power of April and May for the real estate market. It stands to reason that homeowners who have been waiting for the weather to improve are all queued up and ready to list.  

Don't be fooled, houses are selling now.  All of them.  But, the buyers out there are dying to see something new and they are ready to make competitive offers.  Are you among the homeowners who have been waiting to sell when the iron is hot??  Call VMT today to join our other sellers at the starting line.  And keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for new inventory!  We have lots of properties waiting in the wings for the dandelions and crocuses to perk up.